Strategic Advanced Technology Solution for NGOs and Self-Help Groups

NGOs are constantly facing competing communication and networking challenges with limited resources to execute tasks and further the objectives of the organization. NGOs can reduce operational costs and invest their energy towards non-profit goodwill efforts through an effective technology solution. 

According to official statistics, there are over 3.4 million non-profit organizations operating in India alone. The sector, which works with some of the most marginalized sections of society, has also been the most reticent when it comes to adopting technology. This has created a multitude of challenges, including obsolete and unreliable data management and limited access and awareness about the various schemes that exist, which can be passed on to beneficiaries. 

While the governments focus on creating Digital Initiatives, Toucan too is putting its efforts in this direction, by working with non-profits, and giving them greater access to cloud.  In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many NGOs leveraged social media apps, like WhatsApp, to form groups for communication. However, there were limitations to these groups due to the limited participants.

According to the Salesforce AI for Good, Non-Profit Trends and Use Cases Report, the use of AI in nonprofit organizations will grow 361% in the next two years.

For effectiveness in NGO, it requires participation from people. Everyone from the Founder to the front-desk/receptionist achieves effective conversation through Toucan NGO solution. Toucan offers an advanced technology solution that non-profit organizations and NGOs can use to manage and improve their fund-raising, donor management, volunteer management and campaign management, along with seamless communication towards their charity efforts. Toucan expertly and efficiently handles everything from query and conversation conversion to social media activity. It also automates tasks so that the organization can prioritize and delegate them efficiently.

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