Plug, Pay & Go..

Modular architecture with open APIs for each business function

User Management and Security

Toucan allows you to alter user access to the system depending on the roles and privileges of the user. Acquirers can also manage the system, merchants and partner users enabling just the right access and maker-checker for each action as desired.

Offers and Promotions

Cashbacks, EMIs and cross promotions are the new discounts and no one wants to stay behind. Toucan’s Offers and Promotion Module empowers merchants with the opportunity to offer its customers multiple promotional offers in association with manufacturers, card issuers, issuing banks and even profile customers based on their transactions and send push offers.


Toucan offers modular architecture with open APIs for each business function. Acquirers and aggregators can simply plug and play with APIs relevant to their business

Payment Gateway

Toucan’s Payment Gateway module helps reflect and complete transactions real time. Be it showing an alert, currency conversion or real time processing right from the customer swipe or making payment on an app or web page till the actual settlement debited to the merchant account, end to end transaction cycle can be completed in a jiffy. What makes this module even more attractive is its flexible transaction routing setup user interface and the flexibility to integrate from the merchant custom payment page or front end.

Acquirer support

The Acquirer Support Module enables acquirers to seamlessly manage all business processes as required for enabling payment acceptance for it’s merchants ranging from front-end aspects such as merchant onboarding, settlement, payments, fraud and service request management, KYC, MIS, pricing options to back-end aspects such as pricing, fee, reconciliation, statements, processing parameters etc.

Merchant Onboarding

While onboarding a merchant, be it on their own or with the assistance of an acquirer representative, it is extremely essential that there are minimum touch points offering maximum value. Toucan offers white-labelled customised solutions that make merchant onboarding a very simple process

End-to-End support
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End-to-End support Toucan

Aggregator support – Alliance exchange

Toucan’s Aggregator Support - Alliance Exchange Modules helps aggregators control and manage their sub-merchants and transactions. From options such as setting dark and light themes to aggregating statistical data from various sources and from sub merchant onboarding and management to raising service requests on behalf of merchants, this module arms aggregators with processing capabilities at par with industry leading acquiring systems for it’s portfolio of sub-merchants. It also enables seamless transactions and routing to alliance partners.

Analytics and Statistics

Toucan’s Analytics and statistics module enables high levels of customisation. It can offer statistics based on multiple time scales, user roles and levels. This module also calculates merchant profitability metrics based on set parameters.

Case and Service Management

Toucan’s case and service management module assists with both, field service and customer service. A tablet and mobile based app for field service and a web based app for backend customer service enables case management and raising and tracking service requests on behalf of merchants.


We at Toucan understand that each role requires quick and specific access to relevant data along with importance of right data metrics for different roles. Our role based fully configurable dashboards makes Toucan a high productivity tool for all business functions and departments.

Decision wise

Toucan’s decision wise module can be easily integrated with APIs and can be across a wide range of business use cases for predicting smart decisions right from to prevent frauds, identify high risk behaviour or predicting onboarding profitability. Built on the latest ML algorithms using horizontally federated learning architecture, it enables decisions based on learnings pooled across multiple players without any specific data of any player being shared outside their data centre.

Dispute Management

Toucan’s dispute management module helps manage all disputes uniformly using standard business rules irrespective of payment form factor and/or interchange. Equipped with best in class dispute management lifecycle support for cards, wallets, QR codes, direct from bank account payments or any other country specific form factors (like UPI in india), it assists with seamless and transparent merchant recovery, merchant recon and detailed dispute queues and dashboards.

Merchant Management

Toucan offers custom ways to manage merchants. For starters, acquirers can set different pricing and tax rates for different sets of merchants while adding an accounting entry for the transaction in concern. Merchant fees and charges can be configured upto 24 ways with the flexibility of customised pricing options. This module also offers merchant profiling, payment and statement release configurations, currency conversion and dispute management. Toucan’s OTP-enabled merchant communication and updates make communication secure

Merchant self service

With Toucan’s Merchant Self Service Module, merchants can easily review all their transactions as well as notifications on multiple platforms and screen sizes easily. Merchants can receive real-time updates about their activity, raising requests and access customer support with minimum touchpoints, all customised to the aggregator or acquirer’s brand design.

Payment checkout page

Payment pages can now be easily integrated into merchant and acquirer checkout pages with Toucan’s Payment Checkout Page. The flexible white labeling option enables customisable branding support for merchant and acquirer


Toucan’s Rebate Module allows acquirers to share revenues and reward its merchants and associates based on custom parameters such as transaction type,performance, duration, payment form factor and card type.

Reports & MIS

Toucan’s Reports and MIS Module is capable of generating reports that are specific to schemes and transactions. Reports can also be generated at various levels of authority such as departmental, merchant, aggregator and acquirer.


Toucan’s tokenization module is helpful when it comes to keeping data secure. It could be the merchant’s PAN details or a unique transaction id, it enables partner participation without compromising on data security. It also complies with latest security standards like SHA512, RSA and AES and can easily be integrated with HSM.